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PIKOMAT - robot plants

With our robot plants we integrate robots of well-known companies like e.g. KUKA.

Robots are used for material handling, palletizing and picking with up to 500 movements/h. A smart product handling makes a multiple pick up possible, except with bags. For example: Simultaneous pick up of 4 buckets x 300 movements/h = 1,200 buckets/h.

The great advantage of the robots is in the variability and the possible auxiliary tasks such as pallet and paste board handling.

Several lines can be palletized concurrent. A further possibility is a displaceable robot.

In connection with video recognition systems of well-known manufacturers the robot is just as applicable for depalletizing.

For temperatures up to -30° in cold storage houses there are special robot types, which are operated even without protective covering!

  bag palletization using a palletizing robot
Brochure robot plants (1.2M)
Bag gripper with paste board applicator  

When would one use a robot and when rather a conventional palletizing plant?
This depends primarily on your product and your requirements.

Talk to us, we show you efficient solutions!

  Last updated: 06/13/2008