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Palletising plants HPS, HPS-H, HPS-KG and HPS for pellets

These sliding tin plate palletizers of lightweight material are used for the palletization of bags with optimal characteristics and for the simplified palletization of cardboards, crates, trays, single bundles etc.

The plants differ by their capacity and the employment of a motor star-type reel stand (HPS) and with higher capacities than 1500 bags/h by employment of a rotating pin (HPS-H) respectively.

When palletizing bags, the bags will not be driven just infront the rotating pin but get first a 30° preturn via a crank causing considerably less deformation.

The supply takes place from above, likewise the operation with a separate control console.

The empty pallet magazine can be extended on up to 80 pallets on request.

Sliding tin plate palletizer HPS
  Sliding tin plate palletizer HPS-H
Brochure HPS (416K)
Brochure HPS-H (576K)
Brochure HPS-KG (8.3M)
Brochure HPS for pellets (Unfortunately we have a technical problem here. Please inform the webmaster (webmaster@wiko-piehler.de).)

Technical data

  • capacity up to 1500 units/h (HPS)
    capacity up to 3000 units/h (HPS-H)
  • units: 2, 3, 4, 4-'chimney', 5, 6, 6-H, 8, 10, 12 as well as further on request
  • fully automatic change of packing pattern and unit size
  • unit rotation 90° left/right, 180° with motor driven star-type reel stand or crank to preturn and turn tappet
  • fully automatic calibration
  • placing of units via tin-plate slides
  • pressing of layers via top-press (5000 N) for bags
  • optimized stack geometry
  • feeding on top
  • high capacities for empty pallets
  • control Siemens S7-400
  • touch screen (256 colours)

  Last updated: 06/13/2008