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Packaging machines

We offer different solutions for safe transportation of pallets and packages as well as suitable accessories.

Stretch wrapping machines

Stretch wrapping machines are often used, when an economical packaging is sufficient. We differentiate between a usual protection of cargo and weather resistant protection with cover sheet. Both stretchers with turning pallet or satellite stretchers with standing pallet are available.


Hood stretching machines

Hood stretching machines have a completely closed hood. A gusseted tube is opened from the roll, cut and welded at one end to a hood. Then the hood is stretched at all four sides and contactless drawn over the cargo.

Shrink wrapping machines

A hood is formed like hood stretcher machines do it, too. But the film is from the outset bigger than the cargo and gets shrinked by heat. This kind of packaging is used for problematic cargo, because the retention force is stronger compared to hood-stretching.


Palletless line

The palletless line is similar to shrinking, in contrast at least two film hoods are needed. After shrinking the first film the complete stack is turned around the horizontal axis and gets a further film. The package is firmly closed and does not require a carrier pallet.


Stack pressing units, cover patch applicators, belt roller tables for palletles loads etc. are produced on request.

  Brochure load securement (german)
Brochure load securement
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