WIKO palletizers, conveying technique, packing, robots
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The development of WIKO palletiser and conveying technique

Our experiences from the past increase your success in the future

1967 Foundation of Johann Piehler Maschinenbau
1976 The company Willy Koopmann Industrieanlagen GmbH, represented by Peter Koopmann, adopts the distribution of palletisers
1996 Merger of the two companys. The result is WIKO Maschinenbau
1999 Consolidation of both locations to Schwarzenfeld
2000 Mr Piehler transfers the company to his daughter Johanna Piehler
2001 WIKO Maschinenbau becomes WIKO Palettier- und Fördertechnik GmbH, sole partner is J. Piehler

Since then, over 400 plants have been deliverd to inland and abroad.
The major part is still in use, partly second hand.

Mr Piehler and Ms Piehler

Mr Piehler with Ms Piehler. She manages the company in the second generation.

  Last updated: 11/23/2013